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MADISON, Wis – The Wisconsin NextGen9-1-1 GIS Data Standard and Best Practices Guide is now available on the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs, Office of Emergency Communications (OEC) website. The newly developed Guide will be used to promote a uniform, common data model for the required NextGen9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data layers necessary for NG9-1-1 call routing on the statewide Emergency Services IP-based Network (ESInet).

This NG9-1-1 GIS Data Standard and Best Practices Guide is an effort to support the completion of 2020 Statewide NG9-1-1 Plan Goal #2, to implement GIS in support of statewide NG9-1-1, and Goal #2.17 of the 2019 Wisconsin Emergency Communications Strategy (WECS), to identify and promote minimum data standards and integrity for 9-1-1 and GIS integration.

The Guide was developed in conjunction with the Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) NG9-1-1 Task Force, Geo-Comm, Inc., Cheryl A. Benjamin Consulting, LLC., and approved by the 9-1-1 Subcommittee on Nov. 12.

The Guide is located at:

Link to the 2020 NG9-1-1 Plan:

Link to the 2019 WECS: