*Having mission critical technical problems with WISCOM? Please contact WISCOM Technical Support at 608-2WISCOM (608-294-7266) or email  wiscomtech@dot.wi.gov

The Wisconsin Interoperable System for Communications (WISCOM) is a shared statewide, interoperable, land mobile radio public safety communications system. Local, state, and federal first responders/public safety officials in communities across the state may use WISCOM to communicate for their daily mission, during a major disaster, or a large-scale incident. While home rule in Wisconsin allows for local control of communications networks, WISCOM allows for connectivity of those networks when the local network exceeds their local resources, while still respecting home rule. The final result is an in-depth communications network that can support local needs, major disasters, or large-scale incidents.

WISCOM is a VHF (Very High Frequency) digital P25, radio system compromised of 116 sites ( WISCOM Site Map). It currently supports over 40,000 radios providing mission critical communications to over 900 local, state, and federal public safety agencies statewide. The network was initially built to support 95% mobile coverage to its users across the state, while also allowing other agencies the ability to join and enhance the portable coverage with additional sites.

WISCOM allows seamless, interoperable and reliable communications among local, state, and federal public safety agencies during routine, emergency, and task force situations. WISCOM strengthens community safety and security, minimizes costs and barriers to communications, and breaks down regionalization of systems to combat crime and natural disasters.


  • Leveraged existing radio towers and other infrastructure, which lowered initial cost.
  • Does not use proprietary technology so it is flexible; it works with the wide variety of local systems currently operating in the state.
  • Shares a statewide infrastructure that results in long-term cost-savings for everyone. As communities replace their aging local systems, they will be able to leverage the state backbone, sharing infrastructure costs and avoiding costly duplication of equipment. Communities can then build out additional local coverage and capacity to meet their needs when they are ready.

To Subscribe to WISCOM:

Please email  interop@Wisconsin.gov for more information. 

WISCOM Certified Subscriber Units

As of November 2019, the following radios have been certified for operations on WISCOM.

Guidelines for new radio purchases

New radios purchased with grant funds must meet the following grant standards. Note that some WISCOM eligible models (listed above) do not meet all of the grant standards requirements:

  • Equipment must qualify for WISCOM operation through the Subscriber Certification Program
  • Compliant with current P25 standards Phase 1
  • P25 digital trunking enabled
  • Capable of operating on 2 or more digital trunked systems
  • Capable of passing the adopted and current P25 “Enhanced VOCODER Methods of Measurement of Performance” specified in TIA-102.BABG (Telecommunications Industry Standard)
  • VHF Portable Radios must have 138-174 MHz band spread
  • VHF Mobile Radios installed with a Wideband antenna (139-169 MHz or better)
  • 700/800 MHz Radios (for use in areas with 700/800 MHz coverage)
  • Provides 512 channel minimum capacity
  • Minimum capability of 128 control channels
  • Capable of Alphanumeric Display
  • Programmed according to Statewide Mutual Aid Frequency Plan
  • Minimum of 25 narrow banded statewide mutual aid channels.
  • Programmed with the appropriate WISCOM Talk Groups

Recommendations for new Radios

Recommendations for new radio purchases, based on experience and technical experience:

  • Compliant and capable for P25 Phase 2
  • Ability to program multiple trunked system talk groups and conventional frequencies in the same zone
  • Dual band VHF and 700/800 MHz radio

WISCOM Policy Quick Links

WISCOM Resources Quick Links

WISCOM system key and programming information is available. Please email WISCOM Technical Support at  wiscomtech@dot.wi.gov for more information.

Having mission critical technical problems with WISCOM? Please contact WISCOM Technical Support at 608-2WISCOM (608-294-7266) or email  wiscomtech@dot.wi.gov