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MADISON, Wis. —  Geo-Comm, Inc (GeoComm) has been selected by the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs, Office of Emergency Communications (OEC) to assist in performing NextGen9-1-1 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data standards development, GIS data gathering and assessment, stakeholder outreach and education, and drafting a final NextGen9-1-1 GIS Gap Analysis report.
GeoComm specializes in public safety GIS software solutions and services, including GIS for NextGen 9-1-1, and has provided NextGen9-1-1 GIS support to several states including Pennsylvania, Iowa and South Dakota.

GeoComm and OEC, in conjunction with the Wisconsin Land Information Association NextGen9-1-1 Task Force, will be conducting a statewide GIS Gap Analysis that will assist in determining the necessary steps for implementing NextGen9-1-1 and fully utilizing the statewide emergency services IP-based network (ESInet). GIS data is a critical portion of a NextGen9-1-1 system, and the Gap Analysis will gather key information from public safety answering points (PSAPs) and land information officers (LIOs) throughout the state to determine their data readiness for a NextGen9-1-1 system.

Contact for the Gap Analysis will be made in the form of email, online survey, and conference calls to gather the necessary information. Participation during the information gathering stage is essential to ensure every agency is aware of the steps necessary to implement GIS into a NextGen9-1-1 system, and to determine ongoing local and state GIS costs to achieve the overall vision of NextGen9-1-1 in Wisconsin.