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The State of Wisconsin has signed an extended maintenance agreement for the Wisconsin Interoperable System for Communications (WISCOM).

Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs’ Office of Emergency Communications, in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, signed the agreement recently with EF Johnson to continue providing maintenance on the WISCOM system for the next five years with an option for an additional two years.

In addition, counties with locally owned EF Johnson infrastructure may also use the contract for support and maintenance. This will allow them to receive the same price break that the state negotiated.

WISCOM is Wisconsin’s statewide trunked land mobile radio system. It provides daily and interoperability use communications for over 900 agencies. The WISCOM system is essential for interoperability among public safety agencies and is utilized for daily communications, calls for assistance, and responses to emergencies and pre-planned events.

Those that use WISCOM include county, municipal, and tribal public safety agencies, hospital emergency rooms, ground and air medical transport, along with various state and federal agencies. The extended agreement is needed to ensure the WISCOM system remains viable as the state of Wisconsin moves forward with courses of action for a future system.