The State Interoperability Council (IC) is established under Wis. Stat. § 15.315 and 323.29 to develop strategies
and recommend standards and guidelines for achieving statewide communications interoperability for
Wisconsin’s public safety community. The IC Charter outlines the authority, purpose, and responsibilities of the
IC. Members are appointed by the Governor and represent key state and local stakeholders.

As the main statewide planning and governance body for communications interoperability in Wisconsin, the IC
has created several subcommittees and working groups to address particular communications issues. There are
four subcommittees: 9-1-1, Land Mobile Radio (LMR), Public Safety Broadband (PSB), and Wisconsin Interoperable
System for Communications (WISCOM). Additionally, the Communications Unit Workgroup falls under the LMR
Subcommittee. On January 28, 2021 the IC adopted updated bylaws which govern each of the four
subcommittees and provide more information about the responsibilities of each. The updated bylaws also require
that a public notice be given when the IC intends to fill a vacancy on the LMR, WISCOM, or PSB Subcommittees.

As of October 5, 2021, the IC intends to fill the following vacancies:

LMR Subcommittee
1. Southwest Region Representative
2. Local Law Enforcement Representative

WISCOM Subcommittee
1. Northeast Region Representative
2. Representative from an American Indian Tribe or Band
3. Southeast Region Representative

PSB Subcommittee
1. Fire Service – Career Agency

To apply for a vacant position listed above, please submit an application using the following form: Subcommittee
Membership Application

All applications must be submitted using the form above or emailed to by November 4,
2021, which signifies the end of the 30-day application period.
For more information about the application process, please refer to the Steps for Applying for an IC
Subcommittee Vacancy
document found on the OEC website (